Thursday, July, 07, 2022 04:04:21
Tata Motors-owned Jaguar Land Rover automotive recently announced to develop next generation EDUs (electric drive units) in collaboration with BMW Group, the German multinational auto manufacturer. The collaboration will support the two companies’ technological advancements in ACES (autonomous, connected, electric and shared) mobility future solutions, cites source.

For the record, the Jaguar Land Rover has already created an electric SUV Jaguar i-pace & other plug-in hybrid cars. BMW Group is renowned for having developed several generations of electric drive units, since it first launched the i3 model in 2013.

Nick Rogers, JLR Engineering Director, was reportedly quoted saying that the evolution of ACES characterizes a major technological shift in the automotive industry in a generation. The consumer interest in electrified vehicles is gaining momentum & it is important to advance the technologies required to meet demands in the future.

Rogers added that the collaboration with BMW aims at scaling up the technology to support the next-generation Jaguar & Land Rover products. Requirement of both companies overlap when it comes to this transition to next-generation electric drive units.

JLR reportedly said in a statement that this strategic partnership will build on extensive knowledge & expertise in electrification at both companies. It will enable both the companies to take advantage of efficiencies developed from shared R&D, production planning along with economies of scale from joint earnings across the supply chain.

As per sources close to the matter, expert teams of both JLR and BMW will co-engineer the electric drive units and develop systems based on their respective vehicle model requirements. These co-developed electric drive units will be manufactured at their respective manufacturing plants.

JLR’s EMC (Engine Manufacturing Center) at Wolverhampton has been confirmed for production of the company’s global electric drive unit requirements. This facility will be the production unit for propulsion systems of vehicles, involving diesel & petrol engines & the electric drivetrains.

JLR recently announced a battery assembly facility at Hama Hall, U.K. This battery center will supply electrified powertrain systems to JLR’s global vehicle plants.

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