Wednesday, June, 07, 2023 01:01:23
Brickworks Limited, the leading Australian building materials manufacturer, and Fastbrick Robotics (FBR), a robotic brick-laying company headquartered in Perth, Australia, have reportedly announced a joint venture. Apparently, the JV is aimed at delivering automated brick-laying construction to the building sector in Australia. Sources with the knowledge of the development revealed that the jointly owned subsidiary named Fastbrick Australia, in which each of the companies shall be owning a 50 per cent stake, is expected to provide ‘Wall-as-Service’ operations to Australia’s construction sector. The new venture is likely to initiate pilot program operations for trialing a new brick that has been developed been specifically developed for FBR’s Hadrian X construction robot, further cited the sources. Mike Pivac, the Chief Executive Officer at FBR, was recently quoted stating that the company is quite delighted to be working with Brickworks and jointly offering ‘Wall-as-Service’ operations to the Australian market. He further noted that Fastbrick Australia will offer FBR a lucrative prospect for demonstrating the potential of the Hadrian X, using the new optimized blocks developed with Brickworks. It will further test FBR’s business model to commercialize the Wall as a Service and further expand on a global level. It has been reported that as a part of the initial pilot program, Fastbrick Australia looks to combine with various building companies in order to provide residential homes with brilliant structural brickwork, deploying the Hadrian X robot of FBR. Hadrian X, for the record, is an autonomous brick-laying robot capable of building a complete house in about three days, utilizing the proprietary 3D robotic brick-laying system of FBR. As anticipated, the new joint venture’s Wall as a Service operations will be yielding operating revenues following the commercialization of the technology. Reportedly, earlier this year in February, FBR had successfully concluded its first outdoor construction of a home structure comprising three bedrooms and two bathrooms, in Australia. Source Credits: