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The American Academy of Pediatrics restricts the use of inclined sleeper as it may prove to turn fatal.

The New York- based toy manufacturing company, Fisher-Price along with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission have reportedly recalled 71,000 inclined-sleeper accessories for kids.

In a statement by the company, it explained that the decision to pull out this accessory included alongside the Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play yard is due to its noncompliance with the safety standards.

Additionally, the changing station and carry bags were not a part of the recall. The customers were only to return the inclined sleepers immediately and could continue using the other accessories.

For the record, an inclined sleeper lets the baby rest at a 30-degree angle, which the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly opposes. The academy also restricts the use of strollers, car seats and other devices for sleep that restrain the baby. The infant can turn into an injurious position and suffocate or strangle itself if unable to move.

Rachel Moon, MD, FAAP and chair of AAP Task Force on SIDS reportedly stated that infants must always sleep on their back or on a firm surface without any bumpers or bedding.

For the record, In April, around 4.7 million Rock and Play Sleepers were recalled due to over 30 infant deaths in the last 10 years.

Chuck Scothon, General Manager, Fisher Price was reportedly quoted stating that the company aims to secure the safety and well-being of the infants who use their products. The company will continue to prioritize health and safety, he further claimed.

Reportedly, the parent company of fisher price, Mattel has offered a full refund on the sleep accessory.

About Fisher-Price:

Fisher-Price was founded in 1930 by Hermes Fisher, Irving Price, Margaret Evans Price and Hellen Schelle in New York. In 1993, Fisher Price became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel. The company has manufactured over 5,000 toy variants since inception.

Citing sources, there have been no records of death or injuries due to the inclined sleeper accessory.

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