Sunday, November, 27, 2022 07:42:31
Rovco, the subsea technology company, has reportedly entered into an invested partnership with Global Marine Group (GMG) for bringing intelligent inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) solutions for the offshore market worldwide. Supposedly, the partnership would involve the companies working together to offer a range of high-quality and efficient subsea solutions for improving data acquisition. Based in Aberdeen and Bristol, Rovco provides remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and hydrographic services to clients and GMG has informed that it has acquired a 13.8% stake in Rovco to form this invested partnership. For the record, GMG comprises of three business units, which are CWind, Global Offshore and Global Marine. GMG has stated that its fleet of 21 transfer vessels having specialized crew would be deploying Rovco’s newest development, SubSLAM, to get an accurate picture of subsea environment and assets by replacing visual video inspection with live 3D reconstruction technology. GMG has also strategically placed eight cable installation and maintenance vessels globally, which can support IRM projects. Apparently, SubSLAM provides actionable information to reduce human errors and also produces submillimetric data, by enhancing the repeatability and accuracy of subsea inspection. Optimizing existing offshore operations and streamlining multiple services to lower the costs and improve efficiencies, the partnership will leverage current and active vessels and allow both the companies to serve a broader range of customers, GMG said. CEO and founder of Rovco, Brian Allen, was quoted terming this move as a significant step towards enhancing the efficiencies of offshore IRM campaigns. The company has leading data quality in the industry and the intelligence gathered would be supporting pre-emptive fault prediction and asset maintenance, to help customers predict corrosion or depletion rates and asset lifespan easily, Allen mentioned. Mike Daniel, Managing Director of GMG’s Global Offshore unit who has now also joined Rovco’s Board of Directors, said partnering with Rovco will enable the company to evolve its client-centric subsea solutions continually. By combining engineering excellence and innovation, the partnership would be able to deliver a greater range of services to global customers, he added.