Friday, September, 29, 2023 12:40:59
The partnership would combine use of Blockchain, Embedded Device Hardening, AI, and certificates to offer enterprises enhanced protection against Botnet attacks and Data Breaches. Sectigo Ltd., one of the world’s leading provider of purpose-built, automated PKI management solutions, has recently announced signing a secure edge computing technology contract with Intelligent Automation Platform provider NetObjex, Inc. According to sources, the partnership would enable manufacturers and enterprises attain a secured computing infrastructure that extends from IoT edge devices to blockchain and the cloud. Speaking on the move, Raghu Bala, CEO, NetObjex, said that their collaboration with Sectigo would enable them expand their comprehensive platform and provide better security to its enterprise customers. He said that risk of data breaches has increased significantly due to rapid growth in edge devices. However, with Sectigo’s third-party certificate issuance and management and embedded device hardening technologies, the firm would allow enterprises to protect their sensitive data. Reports cite that expansion of edge devices increases the risk of data invasion in enterprises. Reportedly, in 2018, around 446.5 million records were exposed via 1,244 data breaches. Incidents that lead to increased obstructions and high cost loss. The Ponemon Institute also estimates that an average data breach can cost over $3.5 million in loss. Certainly, data breaches can make it difficult for enterprises to protect their computing infrastructure. However, the joint forces of Sectigo and NetObjex could lead to launch of new solutions and products that would reduce the risk of security adjustments to data and firmware logic. This developed security would also fulfill needs for data protection in the market as well as increase investments in Blockchain, AI and IoT, cite sources. Damon Kachur, VP, IoT Solutions, Sectigo, said that the expansion of IoT and increasing cost of data breaches facilitates enterprises to adopt secure computing infrastructure that would work best. He said that the partnership would offer a robust security infrastructure that effectively addresses the pressing need of today’s enterprises. Source Credit: