Friday, December, 02, 2022 10:45:06
  • The company announces CyberSponse SOAR OEM to deliver enhanced end-to-end security analytics, orchestration, and operational capabilities.
  • The risk threats with the CyberSponse technology are reported to reduce by over 90 percent.
Headquartered in Texas, Securonix Incorporation, reportedly announced the general availability of its SOAR 2.0 product for its users. With unified SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR competences, the next-Gen SIEM platform has been claimed to provide end-to-end threat discovery, investigation, and response, permitting the customers to significantly lessen their mean time to respond (MTTR) and improve the operational efficiency. Tanuj Gulati, the CTO and co-founder of Securonix was reportedly quoted stating that the company stands firm on the vision of enabling the customers with an end-to-end analytics platform to swiftly detect and react to the advanced threats. Incorporating the CyberSponse SOAR proficiencies into Securonix next generation SIEM platform has catalyzed its idea of delivering higher protection and great response time to the customers, Gulati added. Reportedly, SOAR 2.0 in combination with SIEM and UEBA solutions, stabilizes automation and composition with behavioral analytics for more ordered and structured response. The method of transferring alerts directly from traditional SIEM to SOAR generates an overload in the SOAR solution with unactionable false positives. Therefore, by including a UEBA layer in between, Securonix can list high risk fears and reduce the alerts into SOAR by over 90%. Joseph Loomis, the founder and CTO of CyberSponse was quoted stating that embedding the company’s technology in SIEM platform is a big achievement for every platform and company. He further stated that the enhanced threat detection abilities of SIEM would increase the SOC efficiency and permit even greater incident response skills with best MTTR. Securonix is dedicated to empowering the customers with an open platform which provides a robust third-party integration framework. In addition to presenting the SOAR functionality, Securonix has been reported to continue to support and produce its integrations with external SOAR solution partners. Securonix Incorporation is touted to be the leader in next generation SIEM which makes use of the power of big data and machine learning. Source credit: