Saturday, March, 25, 2023 12:32:04
  • The AI-powered programming assistant learns from the code base’s regression & bug data to analyze & flag potential new coding bugs when new code is committed.
  • Ubisoft is already utilizing the tool internally while Mozilla plans to deploy it to find bugs in the Firefox code.
Ubisoft Entertainment SA (Ubisoft), a renowned French video-game developing company, has reportedly partnered with the company behind the Firefox web browser, Mozilla to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered programming assistant called Clever-Commit. Reports cite, the programming assistant is capable of learning from the code base’s regression & bug data to analyze & flag potential new bugs in the code when a new piece of code is committed. According to a press release by Ubisoft, the Ubisoft Technology Group is developing the AI-based tool, which is also capable of evaluating whether the addition of a new piece of code would introduce a completely new bug in the overall code and proactively fixing it by learning from previous bugs & fixes. By applying Clever-Commit for the development of both video games and the Firefox web browser, Mozilla & Ubisoft would be learning more about other programming languages & further enhance the knowledge base of the AI’s toolbox. Generally, given Mozilla’s reputation, one would think the tool it supports are open source as well, however, the AI-powered programming assistant is not open source and is an exclusive entity which is not even available to outside developers for a price. The tool is currently already being utilized by Ubisoft internally with Mozilla planning to roll out the tool to spot any bugs that may exist in the Firefox code. Under the partnership, Mozilla would reportedly be providing Ubisoft with programing language expertise in C++, Rust and JavaScript. It would also be providing the gaming company with expertise in bug tracking system analysis and C++ code analysis. According to reports, the financial information about the collaborative development of the coding assistant has not been unveiled yet.