Saturday, May, 27, 2023 09:12:10
Mongolsat network deploys modern broadcast video system enabled by VCAS for DVB Hybrid which expands subscriber reach Verimatrix, leading company for connected devices and services, and recently announced that they would jointly secure the DVB-S delivery services being offered by Mongolsat Network. Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) DVB Hybrid deployment supposedly protects the Freeview TV service to set-top boxes (STBs) of Mongolsat, by leveraging’s  OTT/IPTV/hybrid platform. Moreover, on providing the digital rights management (DRM) for OTT content that is streamed into mobile devices, the Verimatrix Multi Rights OTT solution enables the advanced delivery of TV Everywhere. Apparently, Mongolsat network deploys modern broadcast video system enabled by VCAS for DVB Hybrid, which expands subscriber reach by integration of premium OTT delivery through MPEG-DASH protocols and HTTP live streaming. It complies with the applicable standards of the DVB and is already integrated with a wide range of major and headend STB chipset vendors. Mongolsat Networks’ General Manager, Bumchin N said that the company needed to look for a scalable and flexible platform for multi-DRM support in response to the increasingly growing demand for multi-screen delivery in the television network. They were looking for a vendor they could fully trust and Verimatrix stood out due to its reputation for providing an adaptable and modernized approach to security, Bumchin added. On the addition of MultiRights OTT, Mongolsat networks are able to solve multi DRM challenges through the provision of harmonized rights management all across the devices and networks. COO of Verimatrix, Steve Oetegenn commented that optimizing content in a multi-screen delivery environment brings numerous challenges and Mongolsat Networks chose Verimatrix trusting its services for the future armored with the comprehensive deployment of VCAS. The single approach to content authority eliminates commercial and technical challenges that extends DVB Hybrid services for Mongolsat to maintain its focus on keeping ahead of its competition and  expanding business models, Oetegenn informed. Source credit-