Sunday, May, 22, 2022 06:07:21
  • Initial launch of PRECISION1 in U.S. would start in September of this year and the lens would be widely available by 2020.
  • Five times more users of contact lenses preferred PRECISION1 over the top-selling ACUVUE Moist, as demonstrated by a new clinical study.
Alcon, a leading multinational eye care firm, reportedly unveiled its plans to launch the latest addition to its extensive contact lens portfolio — PRECISION1, a daily disposable contact lenses having silicone hydrogel (SiHy) in the U.S. This will be the first contact lens with Alcon’s SMARTSURFACE® technology — a high performance, micro-thin and permanent layer of moisture on the surface of lens that supports a steady tear film to provide long lasting visual performance throughout the day. A new clinical study exhibited that PRECISION1 is better than 1-DAY ACUVUE Moist, the current top-selling contact lens, in properties important for a successful contact lens; vision, wear, handling and comfort. The study conducted on the lenses demonstrated that contact lenses users rated PRECISION1 considerably better as compared to 1-DAY ACUVUE Moist on the comfort, overall handling, and vision at the end of the day. According to a clinical study, five times more users preferred PRECISION1 significantly over the 1-Day ACUVUE Moist. Chief Executive Officer at Alcon, David Endicott stated that these contact lenses are developed for people working from early morning, from sun up till late night. PRECISION would be well positioned as a daily disposable complementing the company’s DAILIES® AquaComfort PLUS® and the premium DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses, expanding the company’s contact lens portfolio further to help seek growth opportunities in the long term in 2020 as well as beyond as Alcon expands its pipeline. The Alcon commercial sales department would start working right away with Eye Care Professionals to be ready for primary patient availability starting in September. PRECISION1 will be widely available around U.S. in first half of 2020 with prices ranging between that of DAILIES AquaComfort PLUS and DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses.   Source Credit: