Wednesday, June, 07, 2023 12:55:35

Aleafia Health unveils launch of medical cannabis white label services

Aleafia Health Inc., a company delivering cannabis health and wellness services and products, has reportedly finished production of its first white-label manufacturing of medical cannabis oils, which will be distributed across Australia. Sources cite that the medical cannabis oil was produced at the Aleafia’s Paris-based processing facility. Melbourne-based Montu Group Pty. Ltd. will be distributing the cannabis oils by leveraging its newly launched premium medical brand circle. The transaction represents the first production run of the Aleafia’s newly commenced international white label production service, which utilizes its international distribution channels and proven formulas. Geoffrey Benic, CEO, Aleafia Health said that their company is pleased to leverage its established Australian sales network and a new collaboration with Montu Group in this rapidly growing medical cannabis market. With the help of its existing local distribution channel and investment, Aleafia is increasing its Australian footprint and deploying its clinic operations expertise and cannabis education platform. He added that white label production represented new opportunities for the company and highlights the strength of its value-added production ecosystem. As per Christopher Strauch, MD, Montu Group, the launch of the its Australian cannabis brand circle is strengthened by Aleafia’s proven product expertise derived from their proprietary set of over 10 million patient-related data points. Strauch cites that Australia is the main pillar of their firm’s international expansion strategy, as the region is a growing medical cannabis market in the world. This collaboration marked a vital milestone in growing and supporting a network of doctors to access the best quality cannabis products. Meanwhile, the company has secured all necessary import permits from the Australian Department of Health. However, the shipment is expected to be finished in late 2019, following receipt of essential Health Canada export permits. For a record, Aleafia is one the leading cannabis health and wellness companies with main units as; Cannabis Education, Cannabis Cultivation & Products, Health & Wellness Clinics, retail distribution and provincial supply agreements, and Consumer Experience with e-commerce. Source Credit -