Sunday, November, 27, 2022 08:16:50

Alibaba and MongoDB team up to unveil database cloud service in China

The trend of organizations and businesses moving more amount of data to cloud-based database is growing due to the benefits it offers. As a result, there has been an exponential amount of growth in the market share of cloud services. The sector is also witnessing several acquisitions and collaborations between companies across the world. MongoDB Inc., a renowned US-based software firm dedicated to developing and providing commercial support to open-source database MongoDB, reportedly announced its collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, a renowned Chinese cloud computing firm and a subsidiary of Alibaba Group. As part of the deal, the Chinese tech giant would now sell the MongoDB database across the world as a cloud service. New features of MongoDB which are now be supported by the Alibaba Cloud platform offering contain aggregation pipeline type conversions, multi-document ACID transactions, non-blocking secondary reads, 40% quicker data migrations and extensions to change streams. President and Senior Fellow of Database System at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, Vice President of Alibaba Group, Feifei Li stated that MongoDB is a renowned database across the world, and with the newest Community and Enterprise Advanced MongoDB edition operating on the company’s platform, Alibaba is able to support a broad range of consumer demands, including open-source developers as well as enterprise IT teams of any size. Under the OEM partnership between both companies, Alibaba would offer MongoDB-as-a-Service, which also includes related support services and management, and escalate bug fixes for present as well as future versions of the MongoDB database. While the OEM contract is global, the deal is focused on developers and businesses operating in China, and for the Chinese companies that operate across the world along with American companies that operate their business in China. MongoDB software has more than 75 million downloads across the world. CEO and President of MongoDB, Dev Ittycheria stated that China not only is among the biggest database software markets across the world, but it is also witnessing enormous adoption of MongoDB in its database cloud service market. Ittycheria added that in the past four years, a significant number of MongoDB downloads were from China, which reflects the global popularity of the company’s next-generation database platform. Source credit: