Monday, July, 04, 2022 01:10:32

Nevada-based All American Pet Company Inc. has reportedly acquired Kuora Industrial Interconnect for an amount of USD 200 million. The management has inked a definitive agreement to obtain 100% of the outstanding Kuora shares as of September 2021.

This transaction now firmly places All American Pet Company as a crucial player in the Asian service tech market. The transaction will be executed through the issuance of Restricted Preferred Shares.

David Chong, the Chief Financial Officer at All American Pet Company, commented that Gig Economy is more than just a keyword and it reflects the new reality of today. Access to specialized labor is crucial to the prosperity of the regional players served by Kuora.

He added that the company is firmly placed and strategically allied with key institutions in the market it operates in. All American Pet Company expects growth over the next couple of years to represent the new workforce reality since the paradigm shift caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company also announced that it will be including the management team of Kuora into the fold. To that end, the company revealed that it would publish a follow-up press release covering the new appointments.

Following the announcement, All American Pet Company will issue a Corporate Presentation to further inform the nature of Kuora’s operations along with planned developments.

As part of the company’s wish to expand its profile among shareholders and investors, it will be engaging a Digital Investor Relations firm as well as a Media Marketing company based in New York to help manage its social media outreach, online presence, and investor awareness efforts.

For the record, Kuora Industrial Interconnect is a China-based industrial technology service platform that was established in 2018. The platform has over 1,000 technical experts on board and more than 100,000 industrial technical users.

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