Thursday, July, 07, 2022 04:39:31

Ameresco-Nyack Public School District ink 18-year energy savings agreement

Ameresco, Inc., a leading renewable energy company, has recently announced its selection from a competitive bidding process for the Phase II renovations. The renovation contract is expected to be developed in partnership with Nyack Public School District. It is an 18-year ESA (energy savings agreement), which will guarantee a minimum level of savings in energy-related costs of the school district over its full term.

The ECMs (Energy Conservation Measures) identified indicate an investment of $3.5 million in total by Ameresco. During the 1st year of the contract, Nyack Public Schools is expected to achieve $187,418 in guaranteed savings. The partnership will help the school district address energy-related sustainability goals as well as provide the much-needed facility upgrades while ensuring energy savings.

Moreover, the renewable energy company will boost energy efficiency across 7 facilities, i.e. one garage, one administrative building, three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, representing 521,180 sq. ft. in total. This upgradation includes the improvement of interior & exterior lighting systems, the addition of 1.27-MW of solar PV arrays & demand-controlled ventilation, and the upgradation of faucet aerators.

This long-term partnership is likely to aid the school in considerably reducing the GHG emission level. The energy efficiency improvements and resulting savings will be equivalent to that of the energy consumed by 178 passenger cars, 48,926 gallons of gasoline, or 672 acres of pine forest.

According to Ameresco’s Executive Vice President & Director, David J. Anderson, the company is targeting to make a positive economic and environmental impact via energy-saving projects across educational institutions. The implementation of renewable energy and innovative energy-efficiency solutions across the Nyack Public School District facilities will demonstrate the importance of energy management solutions as well as encourage the students to pursue careers, particularly in this field of distributed renewable energy.

Facility building construction on Nyack Public School District is anticipated to complete in spring 2021.

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