Friday, May, 27, 2022 05:15:51
In today’s digital and interconnected world, the need for creating a secure business landscape is of paramount importance. To address this, data security firms across the world are upgrading their service and product offerings.

Appsian is one of such firm that has recently announced that its security platform would now offer support for SAP ERP applications, including S/4HANA and Central Component (ECC). For the record, Appsian offers data security solutions for the Oracle ERP market, including EBS and PeopleSoft to over 250 customers globally.

Reportedly, the company’s security platform provides enhanced data control and user activity monitoring to organizations. The platform has fine-grained solutions and user behavior analytics, that can be installed in an ERP web server, further enabling organizations to develop policies based on specific data elements. Moreover, it enables organizations to analyses and monitors granular user activity.

Piyush Pandey, CEO of Appsian, said that most of the companies have less control over how their users are consuming data in ERP applications. He claims that Appsian utilizes context-specific algorithms to determine security risk following which it deploys adaptive access controls — all while providing granular logging and analytics that helps to manage the application at the data and transaction level.

Pandey further added that their firm is looking forward to building on its success securing Oracle ecosystems, by making its technology available to organizations using SAP as threats are becoming more prevalent.

Sources cite that, by increasing an organization’s ability to better understand and control data access, the integrity of critical SAP business processes could be maintained. Moreover, these challenges are mainly created because of complexity in managing secure access in mobile environments and new compliance requirements, that are required by CCPA and GDPR — both of which dictate how user data is accessed.

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