Sunday, November, 27, 2022 08:37:02

Arafura Resources announces strategic partnership with USA Rare Earth

Arafura Resources Ltd., an Australian mineral exploration firm, has recently announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with Delaware-based USA Rare Earth LLC to focus on treating its middle-heavy rare earth carbonate items using USA Rare Earth’s exclusive processing technology. According to reliable sources, the Australian firm’s progressive engagement with potential customers around the globe demand samples of its ultimate rare earth item from Nolans, especially SEG-HRE carbonate (603 tonnes per annum) and NdPr oxide (4,357 tonnes per annum) for qualification purposes. As per Pini Althaus, CEO, USA Rare Earth, both Australia and the U.S. are partners in the National Technology Industrial Base (NTIB), and have previously come together for strategic minerals extraction, exploration, research and processing, and advancement of high performance and rare earths metals. This venture is an example of stern steps validating how Australia and the U.S. could fulfill their need for dependable rare earth supply chain without China’s help. Moreover, this partnership accentuates the versatility of its CIX-CIC (Continuous Ion Exchange/Continuous Ion Chromatography) treating method that allow them to operate with feedstock from projects along with its Round Top deposit, said Althaus. As for Gavin Lockyer, Managing Director, Arafura Resources, their company has a rich history with the Australian Government. The latest initiatives of Austrade have allowed them to reinforce the working relationships with its American counterparts. Lockyer added that the company is delighted to establish a long term and secure supply of rare earths elements across the globe. Besides, it comes as a great opportunity for the company to broaden its consumer base and work alongside its NTIB allies and USA Rare Earth. As per the terms of a Letter of Intent, Arafura will supply HREE (Heavy Rare Earth) concentrate from Nolans for processing at USA Rare Earth’s Colorado test plant. Moreover, the two firms have agreed to execute a Definitive Agreement in the first quarter of 2020. Source credit: