Wednesday, February, 28, 2024 05:16:30
As a global provider of risk management services and products, Assurant has grown up to become a key player in the insurance sector. The company has followed the tradition of collaboration and has developed a can-do spirit, which plays an integral factor in its expansion over the years. In a move to further expand its business reach, Assurant has recently acquired electronic device repair company MMI-CPR LLC, operating as the leading franchisors of repair stores, CPR (Cell Phone Repair), present at over 700 locations. Reportedly, the CPR franchise provides customers the ability to buy and sell their devices at the local CPR store and offer a broad range of same-day electronic device repair services. Assurant acquired MMI-CPR through a subsidiary of Merrymeeting Group and a third party. However, the financial terms of the deal remain to be undisclosed. According to Manny Becerra, President of Global Connected Living, Assurant, obtaining CPR was a part of its ongoing struggles to enhance its user experience by raising alternatives for support and service. Moreover, the company is determined to help CPR franchisees broaden their horizon through new services and products. Sources cite that CPR will continue to function as a standalone firm with the liberty to develop its products and services to meet consumer’s needs. John Davies, Founder, Merrymeeting Group, meanwhile claims the franchisees would yield benefits from the insurance company’s expertise and financial strength in connected gadgets to help grow and diversify their businesses, while delivering an enriching customer experience. Additionally, as a fast-growing, innovative mobile protection and service provider, Assurant would be the best partner for CPR, helping it drive new traffic to its stores continuously, cites Davies. Incidentally, Assurant has also recently partnered with Vehicle Administrative Services (VAS) to focus on improving driver’s experience and dealer offerings. Sources close to the development cite that Assurant’s division, the Assurant Resource Automotive, will collaborate with VAS to offer its owners support of more than 3,000 customer service representatives. Source Credit: