Thursday, July, 25, 2024 02:56:07

Automotive giants to utilize IT ministry’s last mile delivery system

Renault, Bajaj Auto and Tata Motors are reportedly in discussion with the IT Ministry to utilize the last mile infrastructure of Common Services Centers (CSCs). The CSC is a special purpose vehicle that has allowed entrepreneurs at village level the alternative to start a Grameen e-store and was started last April.

The e-stores were initially launched for providing fast and easy deliveries of essential products in gram panchayats, villages and other remote areas. But these stores have expanded their product portfolio and have started selling non-essentials like biscuits, soft drinks, shampoos, soaps, pens, pencils, electronic and electric appliances.

Over 1.4 lakh out of the 4 lakh CSCs of the IT Ministry have received the permission to initiate their business as Grameen e-stores. The officials have reportedly expressed that the aim is to grant permissions to all CSCs to streamline the e-store operations.

A Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology official apparently stated that these automotive companies are looking forward to making use of CSC’s Grameen e-store logistical system by booking orders from rural markets initially.

The official further added that the initial idea is to get bookings from rural areas to help buyers avoid making multiple showroom trips to check the vehicle they wish to buy, book the vehicle and take its delivery afterwards. The official further added that they want to get all these procedures done under a single trip where the buyer just makes the payment and gets the vehicle delivered at home.

This collaboration with automotive companies will possibly initiate a new sector for easy delivery and access of personal vehicles like jeeps and cars in rural areas. These companies can easily reach potential buyers with very low investments, as well as help CSC increase sales and manage other costs. The deal will also help in investing the extra funds into business expansion.

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