Friday, May, 27, 2022 10:41:56

Behrens Investment Group, a New York-based investment firm, has recently become the owner of the Gorham Paper & Tissue and White Mountain Tissue of New Hampshire.

The firm will operate the mill under the name of White Mountain Paper Company. Furthermore, the mill will be led by Price Howard, an industry veteran. State and local leaders hold a high belief that the sale of the Gorham Mill is crucial, as it has been boosting the North Country’s economy for over a century.

According to Evan Behrens, Behrens Investment Group’s Managing Partner, the company is targeting to enhance and modernize the water, power, and civil infrastructure as well as the state-of-the-art tissue machine of the facility to ensure that the mill becomes a leading tissue & towel producer in North America. It is also excited to join hands with the dedicated employees of White Mountain to enter the next phase of business growth, he claims.

For the record, Behrens has been making immense infrastructural improvements, in addition to aiding the existing landfill gas energy platform, hydropower, and usage of environmentally certified pulp by the mill. These initiatives will help the customers produce several clean and sustainable retail tissue & towel products in the market.

Governor Chris Sununu has shown excitement towards welcoming Behrens to the Granite State. He also showed appreciation towards the local and state colleagues as well as Brookfield Hydro, Eversource, Bank of New Hampshire, and the United Steelworkers for simplifying the process of acquiring the mill.

The team at Behrens gained technical and operational support from Global Management Partners. Additionally, it obtained supply chain, marketing, and business advisory support from Central National Gottesman.

Central National Gottesman’s EVP, Warren Pullen, has cited that the company is delighted to continue its partnership with the Gorham Mill under Behrens’ ownership, as the mill plays a major role in supplying towel and tissue to the North American market.

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