Monday, August, 08, 2022 09:16:40

BIGO announces Fistashki & Go Mobile as authorized resellers in Russia

BIGO Ads, a global mobile marketing platform, has recently announced Fistashki and Go Mobile Inc. as its authorized resellers in Russia.

The platform integrates mobile marketing solutions into the audio and video calling app, imo, covering a global MAU (monthly active users) of 210 million, and the short video creation platform, Likee, covering 115 million MAU across more than 150 countries. It provides marketing solutions for partners and advertisers as well as enriches the user portrait system in different scenarios. It also efficiently supports branding & performance advertising solutions for advertisers by adopting cutting-edge ML (machine learning) technology, comprehensive big data analysis, processing capabilities and AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms.

The platform also delivers one-step integrated marketing solutions to help advertisers maximize ROI (return of investment), increase brand awareness, and reach their targeted audience. These have been made possible through various cooperation models such as Auction Bidding Ads, Reserved branding Ads, and Programmatic buying, as well as advertising formats such as Video, Native, and Banner.

Go Mobile, a full-cycle digital agency, offers a wide range of services such as digital consulting, ASO, design and video production, special projects, influencer marketing, and media buying. On the other hand, Fistashki, a full-digital agency, delivers cutting edge digital technologies to ensure effective advertising communications. This agency consists of a team with digital experts in media, influence marketing, social media, strategy, and online reputation management to assist clients during ideas and strategy development to the final efficiency analytics.

BIGO is excited to partner with these two agencies that have an in-depth understanding of the Russian market. By combining this attribute with BIGO’s efficient and rich marketing solutions, advertisers will obtain a better service as well as achieve various marketing objectives. Apart from the recent partnership to launch an advertising business in Russia, the platform is also looking forward to other collaboration opportunities with local businesses.

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