Tuesday, May, 17, 2022 12:53:33

BV Investment Partners has recently announced a significant investment in Becklar, LLC, the parent company of Freeus and AvantGuard Monitoring Centers. Additional terms of this transaction have not been disclosed.

Founded in 1983, BV has been actively targeting to make investments in software, business service, and IT service industries. The company has invested over $3.5 billion to date.

According to BV Investment Partners’ Managing Director, Justin Garrison, the company has maintained a track record of providing operating assistance through its investments in wholesale monitoring & PERS industries. These industries offer critical technology and services, driving growth by several factors such as demographic tailwinds, IoT adoption, and the rising trend towards outsourcing residential and commercial monitoring to various wholesale providers including AvantGuard. He added that the company is looking forward to collaborating with Freeus and AvantGuard to execute compelling growth strategies for these industries.

As per the statement made by Josh Garner, Becklar’s CEO & Founder, the company has been rapidly advancing since its inception, and is driven by high-level expertise in its team, considerable investments in technology as well as market trends. Through the partnership with BV, it will leverage multiple organic growth opportunities, including the overall service expansion in the mobile PERS market, meeting various emerging monitoring needs, developing new services & products, and expanding the software development capabilities for the end markets.

Sam Axelrod, BV Investment’s Vice President, has expressed his appreciation for  the team of experts as well as service and product offerings of Becklar. AvantGuard and Freeus are differentiated businesses that operate in 2 growing markets. These two companies are best regarded owing to their capabilities to offer high-quality services and solutions. BV is looking forward to partnering with Becklar and becoming a part of its journey in delivering the highest level of services.

Apart from Garrison and Axelrod, CEO & Managing Partner of BV, Vikrant Raina, will join the board of directors of the company with Garner. For the recent transaction, The Edmonds Group served as Becklar’s exclusive financial advisor.

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