Monday, March, 20, 2023 08:32:13
Sensi Chew is a prominent cannabis sleep-aid product in the market today Sensi Products is reportedly launching new California compliant packaging for Sensi Chew to improve customer experience. The new California compliant packaging will be child-resistant, pharmaceutical grade, and includes an informational insert, for their cannabis infused chocolate caramels. According to the Yahoo Finance, the latest packaging complies with all the compulsory State requirements. It will also position the products for transition to mass market adoption when the legal market will expand to traditional retail pharmacies. Sensi Products will be able to meet the increasing demand for its quality cannabis edibles through its new packaging and automated manufacturing process. Sensi Chews are one of the leading edible products in California. It is available in more than 240 licensed dispensaries and delivery services across the State. Sensi Chew is 90 mg per pack in 10-9 mg individual doses. It has the family of 9 products grouped in 3 specific categories, Classic, Specialty and CBD. Classic includes Hybrid, Indica, Sativa. Specialty includes added formulations for Energy, Sexual Enhancement and Insomnia. CBD includes only CBD, CBD for Insomnia, and 1:1 CBD to THC. For the record, Sensi Chew is the prominent cannabis sleep-aid product in the market today. The company has invested in research on anxiety, pain and sleep. It will launch focused reports on the findings, claim reliable sources. Edic Sliva, CEO, Sensi Products, reportedly stated that the company aims to make Sensi Chew Insomnia available to the millions of people who struggle to sleep every night. Sensi Chew can replace the harmful side-effects of traditional aids to offer healthy alternative and deep restful sleep to users, he further added. Sensi Products was founded by Lisa Tollner and Edic Sliva in the year 2013. The founders of the company bring a combined 60+ years of operations management and business strategy to their cannabis venture. Source Credit: