Sunday, November, 27, 2022 07:57:22

Esports tech startup Champria has reportedly raised a USD 1 million pre-seed round led by Kickstart Fund. Additional investors include Gokul Rajaram, David Carrico, New Mexico Arrowhead Innovation Fund, and other angel investors.

The round comes during a crucial growth phase for the company and esports as a whole. Champria has registered more than 2,000 teams and organized over 9,000 matches across Overwatch and Rocket League since January 2021. The funding will help the company improve the current offering of the platform, increase the current staff, expand into other game titles, and increase events as well as partnerships.

Zeke Chavez, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Champria expressed his awareness regarding difficulties in recruiting players, managing a team, and scheduling scrimmages, being a former esports athlete.

He added that the funding round will enable the company to increase its offering and give amateur esports athletes the ability to focus on what truly matters to them, by removing the hassle from these pain points.

Champria’s licensed technology offers an option to current scrimmage scheduling, team management, and recruitment processes, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming for all involved parties.  Apart from the online platform, the technology is also integrated with Discord, enabling users to easily obtain access by communicating with a scheduling bot.

The comprehensive growth of the esports industry has created a necessity for technologies like the ones offered by Champria, to bring consistency as well as organization to a rapidly growing community.

Over USD 236 million was distributed as prize money for more than 5,500 esports tournaments in 2019 alone. This increasing popularity has made it crucial for aspiring esports players to have the ability to schedule scrimmages with ease, manage their teams, and recruit effectively, even more than before.

For the record, Champria is a platform for amateur esports athletes and their teams to enhance their skills, achieve their highest potential, and increase their community.

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