Sunday, May, 22, 2022 07:01:41

Charmin, a renowned American toilet paper manufacturer, has reportedly launched new devices for bathroom innovations which it would be showcasing during the CES 2020. The new devices; RollBot, SmellSense, and V.I.Pee have been innovated by the company to transform the bathroom experience.

The company states that these devices have been developed to deliver a better bathroom experience from start till the time the user would flush.

Charmin’s RollBot is a first-in-class robot that can be controlled using the Bluetooth of a smartphone. This robot delivers a new roll of Charmin toilet paper to the user so that they won’t be left in a bind again. RollBot’s futuristic design leverages self-balancing technology to provide it a better bear-morphous look.

The second device designed by the company is SmellSense, an electronic sensor monitoring system that lets the customer plan further and check the way the washroom smells. Through this, the users do not have to go ahead and check it by themselves. This new device is innovated to identify hydrogen sulfide or carbon dioxide levels in the bathroom after it has been used. This new monitoring system notifies the user through a GO/NO GO display over the stench’s status and when it is safe to go in the bathroom.

V.I.Pee is another unique device that gives a top porta-potty experience to the user. This device has Oculus Rift S VR that would carry a GOer that is missing out on a moment, may it be any concert or an event, directly on the front row so the user never misses a beat while being on the seat. The users can pick up right where they left off just before the nature’s call rolled in, making the bathroom the best seat of the house.

Charmin Brand Director, Rob Reinerman stated that the company is always working towards its mission of bringing a better bathroom experience to people, and while that begins with the best TP, the Charmin GoLab enables the company to finally extend beyond only the seat.

Reinerman further added that the concepts Charmin is bringing to CES are a lively way to demonstrate the company’s relentless obsession with offering people the services now and further into the future.


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