Tuesday, May, 17, 2022 01:10:31

Comtech Telecommunications Corp., a satellite telecommunication company, announced that in its first quarter of the financial year 2021, a part of its Government Solution segment, Mission-Critical Technologies has been awarded $1.9 million of funding. The capital is provided to continue to offer critical Information Technology (IT) support and staffing to various agencies in the City of Baltimore including the Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore City of Information Technology (BCIT), and more.

The focus of Mission-Critical Technologies is to ensure that its customers can carry out their mission successfully. Be it communicating in a harsh environment, be it at sea or on land, protecting the cybersecurity posture of the network, or launching or tracking a satellite, Mission-Critical Technologies makes sure that its customers carry out their mission seamlessly.

The Chairman of the Board and CEO of Comtech Telecommunications Corp., Fred Kornberg stated that they are glad to carry on their services that are important for the IT and network infrastructures for the City of Baltimore. These include web-based and database development, network security and support implementation, and a range of other services.

For advanced communications solutions, Comtech Telecommunications Corp. design, develop, manufacture and market state-of-the-art products. The company supplies products to a wide range of customers worldwide in the commercial and government communications market.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. also announced that in its fourth quarter of the financial year 2020, its Mission-Critical Technologies group was awarded extra funding of $20 million to support the US Army. This additional capital is provided on the earlier announced $223.4 million contract to deliver Very Small Aperture Terminals.

Comtech also announced that its awaiting acquisition of UHP Networks, a provider of innovative satellite ground station technology, continues to progress through the regulatory agreement process. Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Comtech has entered into an agreement to acquire UHP for an aggregate purchase price of $38.0 million.