Saturday, May, 27, 2023 06:48:51
Å KODA UK will partner Dealer Trade® to create a remarketing platform for car dealers to help them expedite their daily business and transactions. Å KODA UK, the Czech based automobile company, has recently announced its partnership with Dealer Trade®, an online vehicle auction app, to launch Å KODA Market, an advanced remarketing solution for their dealer network. According to credible reports, Dealer Trade’s mobile app service would help Å KODA’s retailers to sell and list their part exchange vehicles for free through their mobile phones or tablets. The platform typically takes under 3 hours for the process of listing sales which is considerably faster than most traditional disposal routes, saving money as well as time. Furthermore, the application’s ‘closed’ network feature would enable Å KODA dealers to advertise over-age franchise cars exclusively to other Å KODA retailers to purchase, promote retention of expensive Å KODA vehicles within the network and allow flexible movement of stock. Dealer Trade would also offer a ‘free to sell’ facility that will radically cut Å KODA network’s trade disposal costs, which is currently forecasted at nearly£2.5 million per annum. Sources cite that the Dealer Trade app offers a push notification directly to user’s mobile devices, notifying them about upcoming auctions that suit their preferences, ensuring that they don’t miss any potentially valuable used stock auction. According to a statement, Wayne Ryder, Managing Director, Dealer Trade (UK), said that the company is thrilled to join Å KODA UK in offering their dealer network with a profitable online remarketing solution. He said that this venture would permit the company to offer their online community with high quality vehicles in huge volumes. As for Barney Butterell, National Used Car Manager, Å KODA UK, the company is always searching for ways to help their retailers increase profits and save money. He claims that by offering a free and efficient disposal route for all vehicles, Dealer Trade potentially saves up to£150 per transaction, making a huge difference at the network level. Source Credit: