Thursday, July, 07, 2022 04:36:17

Deutsche Telekom, a telecommunications company, has recently signed a partnership agreement with NetMotion to launch ‘Mobile Optimization Pro’ across Europe. The partnership has been strategically made to help increase productivity and offer the company’s enterprise-grade solutions to Deutsche’s customers across Germany and beyond.

The Mobile Optimization Pro service, powered by NetMotion, will help Deutsche further expand its telecommunications offerings in the mobile enterprise domain. The service will enhance user experience by giving its customers across industry verticals such as pharmaceuticals, professional services, public safety, manufacturing, automotive, and transportation & logistics access to efficient connectivity solutions. It will also allow unbreakable access to stable and secure, mission-critical data & business applications for the increasing mobile workforce, on any device and network.

Remote and mobile employees in Germany can benefit from the optimized & encrypted cellular and Wi-Fi connections. This can be attributed to the Deutsche’s position as the leading telecommunications business provider as well as NetMotion’s industry expertise in enhancing user experience and security for mobile workers.

The mobile performance management company NetMotion offers flexible policy controls, which extend customers’ visibility into network conditions, outside a network security system or firewall. This will enable data prioritization for business-critical applications by quickly identifying & troubleshooting mobile performance issues using its existing analytical and diagnostics tools.

Telekom Deutschland’s VP Portfolio Management Mobilfunk, Karsten Pfrommer, has reportedly stated that the recent partnership will allow enhanced access control of customers over their mobiles, applications, and data usage. Furthermore, it will allow IT teams to achieve powerful policy controls, improved visibility, and enhanced security, while the Mobile Optimization Pro service will lead to greater satisfaction and productivity among end users.

As per NetMotion’s CEO, Christopher Kenessey, the company’s partnership with the leading telecommunications provider will cater to the increasing prevalence of mobile-first business model, which demands world-class security with greater user experience, and enable NetMotion to gain footprint in an incredibly dynamic and enormous new market.

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