Sunday, May, 22, 2022 07:46:27
U.S.-based commercial internet service provider, DHI Telecom, LLC, has reportedly combined its two European smartphone Wi-Fi companies; TravelWiFi and TepWireless. The new joint venture would be operated under the name Travelwifi and would help amplify secure and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity throughout Europe and beyond.

It would offer sales and rentals services of SIM-free portable Wi-Fi with up to 4G LTE speeds, leveraging CloudSIM technology in 130+ nations. Notably, the two companies are almost identical and offer extensive Wi-Fi rental networks for vacation travelers and business. TepWireless is well-known in the United Kingdom while TravelWiFi has market leadership for Americans visiting France.

Sources claim that travelers nowadays dependent on their mobile and Wi-Fi-enabled apps. They can access the internet using a mobile hotspot and can avoid paying expensive data roaming charges to their cellular providers.

Travelwifi devices make internet connectivity easy by automatically finding the strongest available cell signal, irrespective of the country in which one lives. Using these devices, users can surf internet on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets via a fast, secure, and private mobile Wi-Fi network that can be shared with five devices.

According to Wallace Davis, CEO, DHI, said that Travelwifi would first be focused on Europe and North America travel, delivering portable Wi-Fi hotspots for both purchases as well as rental. It would offer unlimited internet, high bandwidth, and daily rate plans to consumers.

Reportedly, Travelwifi has officially introduced its inaugural website with a plan to rolling out new features. For consumers, this merger expands the Travelwifi network of pickup locations throughout the United Kingdom and French airports along with numerous downtown locations.

With a new website and marketing campaign to reach global travelers on four continents, the new Travelwifi brand would evolve over the next year, claims Davis.

In addition to this move, DHI Telecom also recently acquired Singapore-based Yogofi, a high-performing startup in advanced mobile Wi-Fi for global leisure and business travel. Sources close to the move suggest that the acquisition would help the company attain instant growth in Asia and an ideal synergy with technology.

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