Friday, May, 27, 2022 06:58:37

Ensurge signs major customer agreement to enter digital health market

Ensurge Micropower ASA has reportedly signed a customer agreement with an innovator and leader in the digital health market.

Under the agreement, Ensurge will provide customized solid-state microbatteries with its production starting from Q4 of 2022. For the customization, the company is obtaining multiple milestone-based payments.

According to Kevin Barber, the Chief Executive Officer of Ensurge, this is a substantial achievement for the company as it enables it to explore the fast-growing markets of remote patient monitoring and digital health.

Devices that provide remote patient monitoring and digital health services have distinct power requirements that align well with the solid-state microbatteries of Ensurge. These devices have grown over the last few years with the world becoming health-conscious and providing more business opportunities for the company.

The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited the integration of these digital health monitoring devices, which places the company in a unique position for its appropriate solid-state microbatteries. Ensurge is diligently engaging with different companies in this market segment.

The company’s customer engagement continues to venture beyond wearables and hearing aids to add medical devices, earbuds, and industrial IoT.

Ensurge witnesses strong customer interest allowing new applications that are only possible with a consolidation of form factor flexibility and solid-state microbattery technology provided by the company. These new applications have the capability to drive the overall market opportunity beyond current markets.

It is worth noting that Ensurge is Energizing Innovation with flexible, ultrathin, and secure energy storage solutions for connected sensors, wearable devices among others. The innovative SSLB (solid-state lithium battery) technology of Ensurge is distinctly positioned to allow the production of lightweight, powerful, and affordable rechargeable batteries for various applications.

Ensurge’s advanced electronics manufacturing plant is situated in Silicon Valley. It combines licensed process technology and innovation in materials with the scale of roll-to-roll production techniques to introduce the benefits of SSLB technology to expanding and established markets.

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