Friday, July, 01, 2022 07:52:04

Evolved to expand global reach with acquisition of esports agency, ARC

Evolved, a renowned esports agency, has recently announced the acquisition of a rapidly growing French esports agency, ARC, to expand its player representation business globally. ARC has been founded by Nathan Laprade, an alumnus of the esports division of Webedia, a global media company.

As per the statement made by the CEO of Evolved, Ryan Morrison, the company is excited to partner with the ARC team that has a proven track record of success, with a high-level expertise in the field of esports in Europe. The agency also has a key focus on serving the rising needs of the clients. The recent collaboration deal will significantly set a standard for player representation as well as support esports in Europe. The company will also join hands with ARC and considerably expand its reach & support for clients across the globe.

Following the deal, ARC will continuously operate from Paris, France, and serve the clients across Europe. Its agents such as Raphaël Luque and Cyril Bergès will bring their clients from Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty, Rocket League, & beyond, and become a part of the European operations of Evolved.

Nathan Laprade, ARC’s President, has reportedly cited that the company is thrilled to strengthen its efforts by partnering with Evolved and extensively bring value to the players. The recent acquisition deal will highly benefit these players as they can reach out to the team at Evolved, drive the professional development, protect interests during negotiations, as well as secure new opportunities.

Evolved has previously demonstrated and achieved repeat success by supporting clients. For instance, it has represented Overwatch League stars, namely Andrej "Babybay" Francisty, Corey "Corey" Nigra, and Jay "Sinatraa" Won, in their transitions to Valorant as the players on FaZe Clan and Sentinels, which are esports organizations. Moreover, it has been recorded as the top company that has negotiated more player deals as compared to other agencies. It also has collaborated with the global brands to aid their influencer activation efforts.

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