Monday, March, 20, 2023 07:47:33

EVS Broadcast Equipment, the leader in live video technology, has recently announced the acquisition of Axon, a leading broadcast & media network infrastructure specialist. The transaction is set to be valued at EUR 10.5 million, including up to EUR 2.5 million as an earn-out, which will be paid in cash & debt.

Axon has 30 years of technology innovation history and around 80 team members. It has development centers in the UK and the Netherlands, with an international presence. Its product portfolio complements the existing live production offerings of EVS. EVS delivers high-performance products to allow the compelling live stories creation offered by broadcast & media producers across the globe.

EVS will deliver an extensive live production infrastructure to customers by integrating the product portfolio of Axon. This will allow faster deployment, greater scalability, and optimized resource management across various sites for the remote live operations. This will also enable its customers to efficiently migrate the infrastructure towards IP and workflows based on remote production by implementing turnkey solutions.

The acquisition deal will position EVS as the only technology company that offers a comprehensive solution that includes SDN-based control and monitoring, SDI/IP conversion, advanced IP processing, as well as UHD-4K & IP Multiviewer. The combination of Score Master SDN integration pack (IP) orchestrator of EVS with Cerebrum control & monitoring system, Synapse modular infrastructure platform, and Neuron IP stream processing platform of Axon will help deliver a redundant and scalable end-to-end solution for customers, globally.

The mutually beneficial deal will also enable the expansion of the global footprint of EVS. Its international presence will be accelerated significantly by leveraging the reach of technology and expertise of Axon. EVS can also gain benefits from the extensive relationships of Axon with channel partners while broadening the reach of its product portfolio to various distribution channels.

The objective behind the integration of Axon’s product portfolio into the global solution offering of EVS is to integrate team members of Axon and invest further in their market and technology expertise.

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