Friday, May, 27, 2022 06:18:47

EWar Games, a Bengaluru-based gaming & esports startup, has reportedly raised a pre-Series A funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures. This latest financing round includes other investors like Hyderabad Angels, JITO Angel Network, as well as Founder & Director of Eximius Ventures, Pearl Agarwal.

The funds will be adopted to further boost EWar’s footprint in the Indian esports segment by unveiling innovative products and technologies and subsequently enhancing the gaming ecosystem. In addition to marketing and increasing the franchise, the company has also been focusing on expanding the existing esports product segment to make it more competitive and attain external viewership.

The company’s esports platform consists of a user base of 1 million, with around 60,000 games being played on a daily basis on the EWar app. It is targeting to register 5 million users by 2020 end as well as become the go-to destination for all the gaming enthusiasts. Additionally, it is also aiming at becoming a highly valued and popular gaming platform in the country over the upcoming years, with an aim to add more value to the users.

The recent announcement is the 2nd round of investment secured by EWar in 2020, following the previous angel round of $200,000 in January 2020, led by investors such as Jeet Banerjee, Founder of Gameplan, and House of Jindals.

As per the statement made by EWar Games’ Founder & CEO, Parth Chadha, the company is excited to have secured two rounds of funding amid the economic disruptions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through these investments, it is planning to surge the reach of esports in India and help it extensively expand at a remarkable level. This initiative is expected to be reached by leveraging a combination of game tournament hosting, hardcore gaming, casual gaming, game streaming, vernacularity, and its high competency in the internal in-house gaming development.

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