Tuesday, May, 17, 2022 12:33:19

eXp World Holdings, Inc. has recently announced its asset acquisition of a real estate search & consumer engagement platform, Showcase IDX.

The services provided by Showcase IDX include property search for mobile and online platforms, CRM tools & integrations, state-of-the-art mapping, and lead generation. With the recent acquisition of Showcase, eXp can strategically focus on continued innovation as well as develop a consumer portal in the home-search technology space. Furthermore, Showcase IDX will drive the expansion of its existing IDX business and product to deliver value & improvements for customers over time.

For the record, Showcase IDX, which was founded in 2003, has been serving a wide range of customers including agents from successful brokerages in the United States. Following the recent deal, the company will be wholly owned by eXp. However, it will continue to separately conduct its business and operate its services for the customers.

Founder & CEO of Showcase IDX, Scott Lockhart, as well as its staff will remain, moving the Atlanta-based operations of the company to a suite of teams in VirBELA Open Campus. VirBELA is a free virtual world where people can attend and host immersive online classes, meetings, and events.

According to Glenn Sanford, Founder & CEO of eXp World Holdings, the company has expressed its appreciation for the team of experts and technology assembled by Showcase IDX. eXP is also looking forward to partnering with Showcase to drive its reach to consumers by developing a consumer portal for agent marketing, market intelligence, and home search. The two companies will ultimately build their business by significantly aiding agents in engaging with their consumers.

Mr. Lockhart has reportedly cited that the team at Showcase has been consistently assisting agents in engaging and connecting with the online customers. The recent deal will help accelerate its services for these agents as well as their teams, guided by the innovative cloud-based tools to offer exceptional experiences at scale.

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