Monday, March, 20, 2023 09:19:59

Facebook has reportedly extended its work-from-home policy for its full-time employees, provided their work can be carried out remotely.

Previously, in May 2020, Facebook had planned to allow some employees, particularly the most experienced ones, to request permanent work from home. But with this announcement, the company has changed those plans.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made this announcement in a memo circulated to employees, which also had plans made by the company regarding remote setup and a hybrid office.

Zuckerberg has said that over the past year, it is been observed that quality work can be executed from anywhere. He has expressed confidence in the possibility of upscaling the remote working model, with continuous enhancements in virtual reality and remote video presence. He further added that the company will also allow employees working across international borders to work remotely.

Employees working on hardware devices and data center setups are the ones that cannot work remotely and have to visit offices daily.

A spokesperson at Facebook apparently stated that the company will soon allow American employees to request remote work in Canada and the ones working in Europe to request remote work in the U.K. By January 2022, Facebook will allow employees to move between seven European nations permanently.

Facebook has a workforce of 60,000 and the company plans to reopen most of its offices in the U.S. by early September at 50% capacity and possibly reopen at full potential in October, said the spokesperson.

Regarding employees who want to work from offices, Zuckerberg has asked them to visit offices at least half the time. This will make sure that office spaces stay vibrant and employees coming to offices will experience the benefits of being a part of the community. 

In addition, he stated that the company plans to organize in-person gatherings for remote workers and regular office-goers to bolster interpersonal relationships.

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