Monday, July, 04, 2022 02:18:26

As the situation around coronavirus intensifies, researchers around the world have increased their efforts to develop a viable treatment for this disease. However, misleading news around this matter has driven fear in people’s mind.

In order to curb fake rumors, Facebook has decided to ban ads that guarantee to treat or prevent COVID-19, or provoke panic and sense of urgency among users. As per reports, the company is planning to implement similar regulations on its marketplace websites where users can trade items.

Facebook is working to strengthen the efforts of World Health Organization, which include taking steps to restrict ads for coronavirus related products that guarantee a cure or build a sense of urgency, such as implying a limited supply of drugs. One prominent instance of advertisement was with face masks ads that are claimed to offer 100% prevention against coronavirus.

Reportedly, this move follows Facebook’s latest announcement where it revealed that it would take down all the misinformation about COVID-19 from both Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, the policy included any content about fake prevention or treatments for COVID-19 along with misrepresenting claims slating the available quantity of health resources.

According to a spokesperson from Facebook, these norms were applicable on ads, but the rules around spreading misinformation in order to sell goods is a recent one. Facebook has always been the center of attraction when it comes to spreading false information, with major organizations and agencies openly criticizing the platform to circulate misinformation.

Recently, Facebook had revealed plans to make its political ads transparent by allowing American political candidates to run branded content. However, the company has made it clear that it wouldn’t permit political groups and campaigns to use its branded content tool that helps social media influencers to tag post as a paid partnership more clearly in the sub-header.

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