Sunday, November, 27, 2022 09:25:32

Frontline Systems has reportedly released the latest versions of Analytic Solver® and RASON®. These two platforms are the toolset for Microsoft Excel for Macintosh, Windows, and Web, & the cloud service on Azure, respectively, which enable various companies to efficiently embed ‘decision intelligence’ in planning several business processes on the annual or quarterly basis.

Analytic Solver enables business analysts to independently solve and build analytic models. RASON (RESTful Analytic Solver Object Notation), on the other hand, enables users to manage, govern, and publish analytic models, update new data & solve them, and use the results in applications that can consume OData or JSON.

Analytic Solver plus RASON is a ‘decision management suite’, which supports a full range of business rules, ML, forecasting, optimization & simulation methods from the small models to multi-stage, large analytics workflow. The two platforms can ensure easy model deployment and creation by embracing the open standards:

  • Open XML, which is a file format and formula language developed by Excel
  • DMN (Decision Model & Notation) & FEEL (Friendly Enough Expression Language), which is an alternative to the proprietary rules’ languages
  • OData (Open Data Protocol), which is used as an alternative to on-premise Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) for both RASON models & analytic results

These tools can be used by the business analysts & developers to develop and solve models in RASON and Excel, download RASON and Analytic Solver Reference & User Guides in the PDF form, exercise REST API, and try various example models that illustrate the use of the decision tables, predictive models & ML, optimization and simulation.

These options will make it easier for developers and analysts to deploy RASON and Analytic Solver with no delays, costs or risks associated with big vendor tools. Apart from these services, Frontline Systems also offers expert technical support as well as analytics coaching, to complete the ‘done for you’ services via consulting partners of the company.

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