Wednesday, August, 10, 2022 04:51:01

AnyDesk, a remote desktop software company, has reportedly raised USD 70 million in a Series C funding round. This move has taken the market value of the company to over USD 600 million.

The round was initiated by General Atlantic, with current investors EQT Ventures, Possible Ventures, and Insight Partners also taking part in the round.

As per Philipp Weiser, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnyDesk, the company’s goal was to develop the smallest and leanest software that was easy to use for the people.

AnyDesk can run smooth graphics on connections as low as 100 kbps. The Germany-based company has its software downloaded over 500 million times and sees an average of over 900 million sessions every month.

The customer base of the company has over 80,000 organizations which include government and educational institutions, IT service firms, media companies among others. Individual users can utilize the software for free whereas business users can purchase services across a variety of tiers.

Achim Berg, General Atlantic’s Operating Partner cited that the company represents flexible, forward-thinking firms that are shaping Germany on a wider scale. AnyDesk has the potential to create next-gen solutions that cater to the remote work-related needs of the new era.

The AnyDesk software is not only proprietary but also addresses all the actual shortfalls of the current IT landscape. It is capable of meeting the needs of many companies that are either unable to or refrain from joining the digital transformation bandwagon and are reluctant to migrating entire infrastructure to the cloud.

Emphasizing this issue, Weiser cited that there are instances where investments in virtualization do not work, especially while migrating manufacturing pipelines to the cloud. Furthermore, he noted that AnyDesk can be used as a reliable medium for people working from remote locations without relying on the usage of VPNs, which have latency and reliability issues of their own.

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