Thursday, July, 07, 2022 03:12:46

The government aims at offering iPads to students and teachers to help meet educational needs in this current pandemic.

As the nationwide lockdown continues to overstay its welcome, schools and institutes in Canada are compelled to explore out-of-the-box alternatives that would help academics and students to proceed with their activities. Recently, the Government of Ontario took a progressive step in this direction by partnering with Apple and Rogers Communications. 

Reportedly, Ontario plans to offer over 21,000 iPads at discounted prices to students and families. These iPads would come with free wireless data, allowing students who don’t have available internet to continue their education safely from their home amidst this ongoing pandemic.

According to an official press release, the government said that iPads, that are pre-equipped with free Rogers LTE wireless internet, will be bought and distributed by Ontario school boards. Meanwhile, Apple will offer constant support in English and French to parents, students, and teachers, with a myriad of resources to support working from home and online learning.

Besides, Apple is also offering apps, books, and videos that would help teachers create engaging lessons for in-home students. In addition to this, families and kids could use the device’s built-in features to enjoy creative and fun activities. Apple is also employing its Professional Learning Specialists to provide teachers free one-to-one virtual coaching.

Rogers Communications meanwhile has decided to collaborate with Ontario school boards in order to deliver low-cost, high-speed Internet to subsidized members of housing partners and tenants living in Ontario via the Government of Canada Connecting Families initiative and Roger’s Connected for Success program. 

Evidently, the province has boosted the delivery broadband Internet access with an aim to cover each and every elementary school across Ontario by September 2021 and high school by September 2020.

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