Monday, March, 20, 2023 09:24:14
New Zealand's technology sector is advanced and diverse. The IT landscape is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation, competing successfully on the global stage. This industry is a prominent and growing business vertical in New Zealand. Owing to such opportunities in New Zealand, various Australian IT players, including IT asset life cycle management firms seeking expansion in the country Greenbox, IT asset lifecycle management firm based in Australia, reportedly announced the acquisition of Recytech, IT asset disposal firm based in New Zealand. This acquisition would support Greenbox to expand in the New Zealand market due to the increasing demands from Greenbox’ global partners. Greenbox founder and Director, Shane Mulholland stated that the company had previously worked with Recytech in New Zealand for more than 10 years. Mulholland added that the company had explored various options to allow its expansion in New Zealand and procuring Recytech was a logical step the company took. According to Greenbox, multiple vendor, global IT asset disposition and finance partners of the company wanted it to expand its footprint across New Zealand. Greenbox helps users in Australia to sustainably dispose their IT assets as well as manage those assets by using a complete lifecycle. CEO of Greenbox, Daniel Pritchard stated that the company intends to expand its services across the nation, either by future acquisitions or further growth. Pritchard added that the Australian firm would invest in Recytech while also maintaining all of its current roles under the proposed acquisition. The NZ firm has been operating with companies like IBM and Flexigroup for a considerable period of time and also is a leader in its field across New Zealand. Pritchard further stated that the firm looks forward to understanding the particular needs of New Zealand market through Recytech and to further expand the company’s service offerings. Greenbox IT asset services portfolio covers pre-deployment through to information security services as well as disposal. The firm holds R2 (Responsible Recycling), ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards accreditation in its home country, Australia and plans to get the business in New Zealand up to similar standards. Pertaining to the acquisition, Greenbox did not unveil any financial terms related to the statement yet.   Source credit: