Sunday, November, 27, 2022 08:10:21

H2O Innovation Inc, a water & wastewater treatment systems specialist, announced that it has won six new industrial and municipal projects in North America. These new contracts have a total value of $17.8 million and are expected to bring the project sales backlog to $42.2 M.

The Corporation’s first project focuses on the municipal water treatment plant’s dual membrane system upgrade in Manitoba. The value of this project is $10 million. Only $0.7 million is added to the backlog which includes a 12-month pilot study and detailed engineering. Once the pilot is completed successfully, the remainder will be added to the backlog. H2O Innovation’s system will first treat a river’s surface water by ultrafiltration (UF) and then by nanofiltration (NF). The primary treatment capacity for the UF system will be 5,440 m3/hour and for the NF system, it will be 4,350 m3/hour.

The second project secured by H2O Innovation is for an industrial customer and supplies of a six-train reverse osmosis system. The system is expected to treat 1,140 m3/hour for a food and beverage industry customer in Ohio.

The third project is for the extension of a present water treatment system that H2O Innovation installed in 2007. The Corporation will offer 3 extra UF trains with a capacity of 57 m3/hour, 1 RO train with 41 m3/hour capacity, and a sand filter for the cooling tower system.

Of the 2 more municipal projects acquired by the Corporation in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and New Brunswick, the first one will have a water treatment system with a 95 m3/hour capacity for the Village of Petit-Rocher. This project will first treat the surface water using multimedia filtration and then by NF. The second project has a membrane bioreactor system in Alberta and will replace the city's wastewater treatment plant.

Finally, the Corporation will build a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant with 57 m3/hour capacity for a Caribbean resort facility.

The Corporation also announced that for the first business pillar, Aftermarket Services and Water and Wastewater Treatment Projects will be merged into a single unit and rebranded as Water Technologies & Services (WTS).