Friday, May, 27, 2022 05:42:10
Halo Labs Inc, a renowned Canada based cannabis extraction company, reportedly announced a new strategic partnership deal with Amsterdam-based OG DNA Genetics Inc., a renowned brand in the cannabis industry, to produce its genetics across Oregon. The initial duration of partnership agreement would be five years.

The partnership highlights a few points, it aligns with 1-acre rise in the growth operation in East Evans Creek, the 5-year partnership would be expanding on the existing genetics library of Halo to set up a new cannabis standard in Oregon. Furthermore, Halo would only be the exclusive grower and manufacturer for brand products of DNA Genetics in Oregon.

DNA Genetics was established in 2004 in Amsterdam and is a leading global influencer in the cannabis industry, producing high quality seeds through a responsible, technical and professional approach. The firm has created some well-known products by integrating expert growing practices and high-quality genetics.

DNA Genetics would take its expert skills and proven record to produce exclusive strains that would just be for Halo across Oregon. The exclusivity ensures that companies across Oregon who want access to DNA strains must first get a license from Halo.

Andreas Met, COO and Co-founder, Halo, reportedly stated that their recent expansion of cultivation provides an opportunity to capitalize on DNA Genetics partnership. The company would introduce new DNA strains into circulation while refining genetics of the cannabis produced by Halo currently. Met further added, that they expect the demand for products across the board to benefit from the cobranding opportunities this partnership presents.

Charles Phillips, CEO, DNA Genetics, stated they are thrilled to team-up with Halo Labs. The partnership would be a multiplier for the two companies with additional opportunities to grow. Phillips further added that as the two firms focus on expansion of business activity and global footprint, this would be a mutually beneficial and successful partnership.

Kiran Sidhu, CEO and Co-founder, Halo, reportedly stated that DNA Genetics is a renowned breeder in the cannabis industry. Possessing exclusive rights in the development of their genetics in Oregon reaffirms the company’s leading position in the market and would help the Oregon cannabis market reach newer heights. Sidhu added that this would be the first market where the Halo-DNA collaboration is taking place.

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