Sunday, November, 27, 2022 09:27:23

Hansen Technologies, a leading provider of billing, data management, customer care, & catalog-driven services, has recently signed a CIS (Customer Information System) project for Fortum.

Fortum, which is a state-owned, clean energy solutions provider, is a largest retail energy provider in the Nordic region, with electricity customers (including businesses & households) of nearly 2.4 million across Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The retailer first formed a partnership with Hansen Technologies in 2009 and has gradually expanded the offering of CIS system from the Norwegian to the Finland market. With an aim to enable modern energy retailers, the company has selected Hansen Technologies for their innovative solutions to engage customers as well as their proven track record.

Hansen Technologies is the leading provider of software and services to energy companies across the globe, specifically the modern energy companies. It aims at providing compelling customer experiences and improving the efficiency of businesses by streamlining the business processes, which will result in accelerated digital transformation and TTM (time-to-market) of several services and products.

The partnership has been further expanded with 2 additional large retailer companies being placed under the Fortum-Hansen CIS umbrella. Under the partnership, Fortum will receive expanded coverage from Hansen through its state-of-the-art solutions. These solutions will help Fortum achieve its target of placing enhanced customer experience at the forefront by providing excellent service as well as an engaging digital experience.

According to Hansen Technologies’ President EMEA, John May, the company’s decade-long partnership with Fortum, which is a major Nordic entity, has proven effective as it has enabled innovations. The company, with 4 decades of experience in the industry and vertical-specific fields, is planning to continue expanding its relationship with Fortum to help drive innovative solutions and create competitive advantages for customers over their competitors to thrive in the ever-changing energy market.

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