Wednesday, June, 07, 2023 12:09:05
Multinational infotech firm Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory have reportedly entered an AI Ops collaboration. This alliance is geared towards advancing AI (artificial intelligence) & machine learning (ML) for automation & operational efficiency in data centers. Apparently, this collaboration will help data center enhance their resilience and optimize energy consumption for the exascale era. This project is expected to bolster NREL’s current mission to become a world leader in energy efficiency and sustainability with advancements in renewable energy technologies, giving rise to new methods to lower operating expenses and energy conservation. The AI & Ops project is a part of a three-year collaboration designed to monitor and analyze cooling and power facilities in NREL’s ESIF (Energy Systems Integration Facility) HPC data center. The collaboration is based on over five years of historical data collected by HPE and NREL. NREL’s supercomputers, Eagle and Peregrine have collected cumulative data of over 16 terabytes. This data in tandem with NREL’s facility will be used to train models to detect anomalies, in order to predict and avoid issues before they happen. The project is also designed to cater to future energy and water consumption by data centers. In the U.S alone, these numbers will hit nearly 73 billion kWh of energy and 174 billion gallons of water by the year 2020. NREL & HPE will work jointly to supervise energy consumption and ensure optimum energy efficiency and sustainability. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness) and WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) are some of the key metrics that will be used to measure sustainability and efficacy. Mike Vildibill, VP of HPE’s Advanced Technologies Group, recently spoke about HPE’s passion for creating novel technologies built to support the future innovation era with exascale computing and all its operating requirements.  He further stated that this AI Ops collaboration with NREL, who have been their long-standing partners, will birth smarter and more efficient supercomputing data centers as power and performance scope continues to surge. The project will be unveiled at Denver, Colorado-based Supercomputing 2019 (SC 19), at the HPE booth 1325. Source Credit: