Sunday, June, 23, 2024 03:17:57

Hub Security, Tel-Aviv based company building and designing hardware cybersecurity solutions, has announced a strategic agreement with LS International. The partnership will culminate into specialized combination of cybersecurity products and security solutions, thereby streamlining cloud services, remote management and enterprises.

Davide Bortolotto, CEO and founder of LS International, stressed that they have been emphasizing technology scouting to spur innovation and digital transformation in the Swiss and global market. He went on to express his enthusiasm towards the partnership with Hub Security, a provider of hardware security module (HSM) solutions.

The highly anticipated partnership will leverage LS International to render a quantum-proof cybersecurity solution and enable them to secure online transactions for finance and other portfolios.

Elucidating on the collaboration, the CEO noted that the added services could make “a real difference” for cyber hygiene of customers.

The Israeli company rose to the occasion when it made an announcement in late June by rolling out what it called as “the first industry-standard HSM” to render quantum-proof services on all of its HSM devices. The quantum-proof solution will allegedly protect companies against the next-gen of cyber threats and attacks.

For the starters, hardware security module (HSM) of Hub Security provides state-of-the-art military-grade cryptographic and major management solutions established on fully programmable hardware. With the state-of-the-art quantum-proof capabilities, Hub Security leverages cloud and enterprise industries to shield against novel and significant cyberthreats.

With a notable spike in the number of industries foraying into data and cloud storage solutions, demand for cybersecurity solutions has surged in recent years.

Hub Security uses handheld miniHSM devices with cryptographic algorithm validation, FIPS approved; and military-grade cybersecurity principles for its vault hardware security module (HSM).

LS International, a Swiss-based company, provides IT and technology services, spanning from networking, security collaboration and cybersecurity services.

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