Friday, May, 27, 2022 10:50:53

IDEMIA, a security company, has reportedly inked a 4-year agreement with Jyske Bank, a Danish banking company, to roll out recycled PVC cards for customers. The recent deal is in line with the commitment of the bank to ensure environmental sustainability.

Jyske Bank has been focusing on offering greener and state-of-the-art payment solutions for customers, right from its launch of the 1st recycled plastic payment cards in Denmark through its partnership with IDEMIA. The announcement is also a part of its target to curb environmental impacts, which will be met by leveraging IDEMIA’s eco-friendly initiative, GREENPAY, to shift from a linear take-make-waste model as well as fundamentally transform the way plastics are designed, used, and reused.

Known for its innovative & customer-centric approach, IDEMIA will capitalize on its expertise and deliver secure and environment-friendly payment. The company’s GREENPAY card has been made of nearly 85% recycled PVCs that are derived from the production wastes, thereby leading to a considerable reduction in carbon emissions. Moreover, the shift towards manufacturing PVC payment cards will prevent the development of tons of 1st-use PVC and curb the used PVC from going into the landfill.

According to Amanda Gourbault, Executive VP of Financial Institutions at IDEMIA, the company is excited to partner with Jyske Bank in its journey to provide a sustainable payment experience to customers with the launch of its recycled plastic payment card in Denmark. It will accompany the bank in its eco-friendly strategy and is looking forward to supporting the customers with its new and exciting services and products to ensure a greener payment industry.

Jyske Bank’s CEO, Anders Dam, has reportedly stated that the team at the company has put high emphasis on the sustainable transition to lower the direct and indirect carbon footprint. It has a strong vision in environmental commitments and will collaborate with the business partners and suppliers to deliver greener products to the clients.

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