Friday, July, 01, 2022 06:47:55
Nowadays next-generation coherent transmission applications demand amplifiers that can work efficiently in power-, space-, and thermally-constrained environments. Increasing demand from healthcare facilities has resulted in the adoption and innovation of products like microfluid pumps.

II€VI Inc., a renowned manufacturer of pump laser modules, has recently made some advances in this field by unveiling its 400mW micro-pump laser specialized in high-temperature operation. According to reports, the company’s single-mode uncooled micropump laser, with just 1W of power consumption, provides a superior power output of 400mW, in areas which might record 85 degrees Celsius.

Commenting on the launch, Sanjai Parthasarathi, Chief Marketing Officer, II-VI Inc., said that the company had previously doubled the output power of its micro-pump lasers to 400mW, making it the industry standard for others to follow on.

He added that their product has a great potential in regard to environmental performance and offers the most compact solution, further letting its users to substantially cut power consumption and minimize the size of transceiver-embedded amplifier designs, creating new, greatly compact transceivers working at high bit rates, beyond 1 Tbps.

Experts cite that ever since Chuck Mattera, current CEO of II€VI Inc., started his role in the company in 2004, the manufacturers of optoelectronic components, optical systems and engineered materials have recorded more than 20 acquisitions.

Mattera claims that their firm’s board has encouraged him to take responsibility for describing and defining a path to diversify II-VI, and further enable a sustainable competitive advantage in the markets.

Reportedly, II-VI is looking to bag its largest deal by acquiring Finisar Corp., a renowned company that recorded an annual revenue of $1.3 billion. Sources cite that Mattera has supervised these agreements in order to grow the firm’s global reach, deepen its intellectual property portfolio and technology while strengthening its customer base and product roadmap.

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