Thursday, July, 07, 2022 02:54:58

JAFCO-Bloom&Co. team up to offer marketing strategies to entrepreneurs

JAFCO Co., Ltd. and Bloom&Co., Inc. have reportedly entered a collaboration to leverage the strengths of the companies and offer support to startups.

The venture capital company, JAFCO, has maintained a history of teaming up with several leading entrepreneurs since it was founded in 1973. It has formed a fund worth 80 billion yen in March 2020, which is among the largest venture capital funds in Japan. The total investment fund raised by the company overseas and in Japan exceeds 1 trillion yen.

Bloom&Co. provides comprehensive end-to-end support to enable business growth by executing and formulating marketing strategies for various businesses of different domains and scales. These include companies listed on the 1st section of the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange), global companies, startups & venture-backed firms, from qualitative & quantitative research to digital marketing, mass marketing, market-entry, go-to-market strategies, and strategic PR.

Growth opportunities for the venture capital industry and startups remain strong despite the macroeconomic challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, globally. JAFCO wishes to provide early-stage companies with resources and various other offerings. The company can further strengthen its support for these companies by launching new initiatives, even during the challenging business environment.

In addition to making investments, venture capitalists in Europe and the United States are following the trend of creating various marketing functions. JAFCO has been supporting the growth of the portfolio businesses by offering various business development initiatives such as preparation of IPO listings, recruitment support, and customer development. It is further planning to enhance the existing capabilities and offer support in the field of marketing strategy and planning.

JAFCO and Bloom&Co. have conducted a pilot test in March 2020 to evaluate the marketing strategy and planning framework for various portfolio companies. Through the recent collaboration, both the companies will commence offering support to the portfolio companies of JAFCO, which are generating new industries and opportunities through the refinement and development of marketing strategies to drive the growth of the business.

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