Wednesday, June, 07, 2023 12:24:57
Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 will help provide the airlines with enhanced aircraft reliability and minimize downtime. ExxonMobil, an American oil and gas corporation, has recently announced that Japan Airlines (JAL), an international airline company based in Tokyo, has begun use of Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 in its newly bought Airbus A350 airplanes. Reportedly, the high-performance synthetic turbine engine oil is used in the auxiliary power units and in the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines of the new aircraft. According to reliable sources, JAL is the first big airline company to administer a service evaluation upon Mobil Jet Oil 387’s release in 2011, posting a total of 80,000 hours of on-wing time in GE90 engines. Reportedly, the evaluation results managed to surpass the expectations of JAL’s management and maintenance teams due to the oil’s excellent seal compatibility, wear protection, deposit control and the ability to reduce coking in gas turbine bearing components. The overwhelming success of these evaluations and growing relationship with JAL has encouraged the airline company to choose Mobil Jet Oil 387 for its Airbus A350 aircraft, cite sources. Speaking on the announcement, Hiroki Haraikawa, Vice President of Engine Maintenance Center, Japan Airlines (JAL), said that ExxonMobil has played an integral part in making the company a globally preferred airline by continuously exercising its reliable technical support and expertise. He said that ExxonMobil’s commitment to innovation is reflected with the creation of Mobil Jet Oil 387 a more refined turbine oil than Mobil Jet Oil II, that would help the company to stay ahead of the curve, and their firm values this positive business approach towards providing an exceptional service for its customers. For the record, JAL trusted ExxonMobil to offer the best oil and grease products since the early 1960s when the company started using Mobil Jet Oil II™, the first standard Type II oil in the market that guarantees high performance in aircraft. Since then, JAL has increased the use of ExxonMobil products such as Mobil HyJet™ and Mobilgrease™ 33 hydraulic fluids in its aircraft. Source Credit: