Wednesday, June, 07, 2023 11:26:55

KVH’s TracPhone® VSAT Systems to now feature Iridium Certus® service

Innovative sensors regulate and monitor a vehicle’s operation and offer immense scope for marine vessels to sharing essential data. New connectivity systems are seemingly pioneering the marine industry, mostly in commercial vessels and ship fleets. A recent advancement is made by KVH Industries, Inc., a communication equipment company that provides mobile connectivity and inertial navigation systems, who announced that the Iridium Certus® service will be accessible on its TracPhone® mini-VSAT BroadbandSM systems. For the record, Iridium Certus is a leading L-band solution provider that offers pole-to-pole global coverage, featuring cost-effective, small-form-factor antenna terminals. As for KVH, its VSAT systems consist of TracPhone HTS-series, that offers 20/3 Mbps (down/up) of data speeds which fulfill the connectivity demands of today’s global-voyaging superyachts and commercial maritime vessels. The companion system, accompanied by Iridium’s topmost L-band data speeds of 352/176 Kbps (down/up) and the 15 inch diameter Cobham Sailor 4300 antenna, was developed to flawlessly incorporate with all the company’s TracPhone mini-VSAT Broadband antenna systems. Reports cite that optional low-routing allows onboard data to move from the firm’s mini-VSAT Broadband service to Iridium Certus and vice versa. The company also provides an unlimited data plan for both Iridium Certus as well as KVH mini-VSAT Broadband. Additionally, KVH’s AgilePlans program is said to offer commercial fleets a comprehensive, no-commitment connectivity solution that contains a TracPhone V11-HTS or TracPhone V7-HTS antenna, daily TV and print news, high-speed data, free shipping, training, zero maintenance costs for one monthly fee and free installation at select ports. The program has become the company’s most effective commercial maritime VSAT solution, with more than 70% of the firm’s commercial maritime VSAT shipments in the first half of 2019. Prior to this move, the company had made headline when it announced that it would be an official supplier to the New York Yacht Club American Magic. KVH had setup advanced cellular-based and satellite-based communications gears for the team’s chase boats, enabling high-speed data transmissions. KVH is also offering advanced FOG (fiber optic gyro) based sensors to enhance performance metrics of the team’s race boats, cite reports. Source Credit: