Friday, May, 27, 2022 05:26:05

Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) has recently expanded its IT infrastructure solutions portfolio by introducing Lenovo ThinkAgile MX1021 & ThinkSystem DM7100.

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX1021 can enable enterprises to move to edge computing by utilizing Azure Stack HCl solutions. It can help retailers proactively address challenges such as inventory shrinkage by analyzing customers sentiment analysis data at the edge in real time. Additionally, at the manufacturing sectors, edge servers can efficiently collect sensor data and monitor productivity. Healthcare organizations can also increase efficiency of operational, customer, and clinical analytics as well as tier medical data by adopting this solution, combined with Azure IoT Hub and Azure Stack Hub.

ThinkSystem DM7100 can accelerate mission critical business applications with end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory express technology while delivering secure, integrated hybrid cloud capability for cloud provider solutions including Microsoft Azure. It also enables users to reduce the cloud footprint by nearly 66%, by retaining enterprise data reduction capabilities. Other advantages include improved transaction rates for retailers and streamlining approaches to better serve the customers.

As IoT (Internet of things) and 5G technologies have become widely implemented in various companies, there has been a significant growth in connected devices. This eventually has led to the explosion of analyzed, created, managed, and stored data from the edge to the core. The new technologies offered by DCG will provide validated solutions that enable cloud tiering for enterprises that are developing end-to-end applications using Azure.

Kamran Amini, Lenovo DCG’s VP and General Manager of Server, Storage, & Software Defined Infrastructure, has stated that customer demand for more flexible, secure, and powerful solutions to ensure the agility and speed of the business processes has surged at a time when process agility and speed is paramount for business operations. The company can cater to this demand with its purpose-built technology to deliver valuable insights from edge to core to cloud in real-time.

The new range of solutions has been optimized to leverage data opportunities of customers in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and other sectors.

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