Friday, May, 27, 2022 06:42:50

Mazda Motor Corporation has reportedly inked a multi-year agreement to license Secondmind’s Active Learning for Powertrain platform for increasing engine calibration efficiency.

Along with this, Secondmind and Mazda are also extending a research and development partnership of two years to focus on electric powertrain and advanced hybrid control systems along with strategic CASE applications.

Initially, Mazda is leveraging Secondmind to calibrate ECUs that control next-gen SKYACTIV engine technology. The automaker expects the advanced machine learning of Secondmind to double the efficiency of its traditional engine calibration process.

Mazda has been pioneering the innovation of MBD (model-based design) for decades and has selected Secondmind as its machine learning collaborator to help in managing increased complexity owing to strict emissions regulations, underlying pressure to attain environmental sustainability and greater development process as well as increasing consumer demands.

Secondmind Active Learning for Powertrain is backed by over six years of research and development in practical machine learning. It provides advanced machine learning models based on high-dimensional, noisy data and allows automated, rapid, and intelligent experimentation.

Early signs indicate that the Active Learning platform can assist carmakers to reduce the time of engine calibration by nearly 50%, reducing costs of data acquisition and processing by 80%, and prototype materials usage by 40%. As a result, the potential impact on developmental and environmental sustainability is significant.

According to Gary Brotman, the Chief Executive Officer of Secondmind, Mazda has chosen the company as a collaborator to upscale its innovations in the design and development of powertrains.

Eiji Nakai, Mazda’s Executive Officer in charge of Powertrain Development and Integrated Control System Development expressed that the unique active learning technology of Secondmind will allow the company to automate the process of engine calibration.

It is worth noting that Secondmind helps automotive innovators in designing better cars and attain sustainability through machine learning.

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